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Tibbitt Lake & Trough Lake Loops


Topographic Map & Paddling Guide for the Tibbitt Lake and Trough Lake Loops, near Yellowknife, NWT.   The 8 1/2″ x 14″ map guide is waterproof with route descriptions, trip specifications, and access information, as well as the map at a scale of 1:50,000.

Please note that maps purchased online will be shipped only once a week.  For immediate access to maps, please purchase one from our local vendors.


Product Description

The Tibbitt Lake and Trough Lake Loops offer lake trips with plenty of camping options.  The relatively small size of the lakes makes wind less of an issue than on some other canoe routes.  These loops are suitable for beginner paddlers but the numerous islands and channels on both routes can make navigation a challenge.  Paddlers would be wise to pack lightly for the Trough Lake Loop due to the number of portages.

The Trough Lake Loop includes the entire Tibbitt Lake Loop and adds an extra 20 km loop through Trough Lake and down the Ross River.

Portages on the Tibbitt Lake Loop are well-used, but the Trough Lake Loop is less frequently travelled and the portages are not well maintained.

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